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Molecular Genetics Crossword Puzzle

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Molecular Genetics

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Across Down
6 analyzed the amount of ACTG in DNA; discovered that A-T & C-G
9 Circular DNA
11 A binds to T & C binds to G
14 the scientists who discovered the structure and shape fo DNA
19 linear DNA
22 Provided definitive evidence that DNA is the source of genetic material
1 the genetic code is carried from the DNA by the mRNA is translated to make proteins
2 carries the genetic code to ribosomes
3 transfers amino acids to ribosome
4 performed the first major experiment that led to the discovery of DNA as the genetic material
5 single-ring nitrogenous bases
7 tightly coiled DNA
8 loosely organized DNA
10 portions of DNA that are tightly packed into chromosomes and code for manufacture for proteins
12 the RNA that makes up ribosomes
13 nitrogenous base that replaces thymine in RNA
15 a complex molecule that is arranged as a double helix
16 the smallest units of DNA
17 double-ring nitrogenous bases
18 Discovered that DNA was the 'transforming factor'
20 carries the genetic code from the nucleus to the ribosomes
21 a strand of mRNA is manufactured in the nucleus
23 assembles mRNA nucleotides using the DNA template
24 weak bonds that hold the nitrogenous bases together
25 the twisted ladder shape of DNA
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