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Monkey's Paw Crossword Puzzle

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Monkey's Paw

                                2           3        
            4                       5               6
    7                     8     9                    
                      11             12                
14           15         16       17   18                  
19                             20                      
          21                   22                      
            24             25                          
      26         27                                    
                              30   31         32        
Across Down
7 powers.
9 the voice that tells a story.
10 with a ruddy or red complexion.
11 in the game of chess, the situation of a king in danger of being captured when the opposing player makes his or her move.
12 narrator that reports events in a factual way, without sharing any characters’ hidden thoughts or feelings.
15 greedy.
18 brave.
19 a facial expression or pain or disgust.
20 overly bold or confident; taking too much for granted.
21 danger.
22 acceptance of something that is inescapable.
25 small cover placed on the back or arms of a chair to keep it clean. 24. Wardrobe – moveable closet.
26 in a friendly way.
28 an object thought to have magical powers.
29 something, such as money, received as payment.
30 narrator that recounts events with a character’s thoughts, feelings, and observations.
33 ordinary.
1 monkey- or ape-like.
2 feeling that has no apparent cause; can also mean “imagination”.
3 the feeling or atmosphere the writer creates for the reader.
4 discharge from many guns; a rapid outburst.
5 inappropriately silly.
6 a swift-flowing stream.
8 a piece of furniture used to store linens and dishes.
13 a disposition to believe too readily.
14 a swamp.
16 expressing sympathy.
17 the belief in the power of an unusual object bringing about unexpected consequences.
23 a Muslim or Hindu holy man.
24 a power that is thought to determine the course of events.
26 lack of emotion or interest.
27 rented.
31 wall shelf held up by support.
32 descriptions that appeal to the reader’s senses.
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