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Monopoly Oligopoly Crossword Puzzle

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Monopoly Oligopoly

            2                                   3
            5                             6      
Across Down
4 monopoly created by the government
5 when monopolist divide consumers into 2 or more groups and charge a different price to each group
7 enables monopolistically competitive seller to profit from differences between his or her products and competitor's products
8 agreement by organization of produces to coordinate prices and production
9 agreement among members of an oligopoly to illgelaly set prices
10 describes a market dominated by few large profitable firms
11 when prices and output are controlled like a monopoly when firms merge, form a cartel and set prices
12 contract issued by a local authority that gives a single firm the right to sell goods w/i exclusive market
13 market that runs most efficiently when a large firm provides all of the output
1 when companies join with another company to form single firm
2 many companies compete in an open market to sell products that are similar but not identical
3 gives company exclusive rights to sell a new good or service for specific period of time
6 business combination similar to a cartel
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