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Mortgage Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Mortgage Terms

                            1   2       3                                    
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Across Down
1 Where you work.
6 The selling of a property by the government in order to satisfy the owner’s debt of unpaid taxes.
8 Private Mortgage Insurance
9 Employe Performance Information Center
11 Department of Veterans Affairs.
12 Mortgage Electronic Registration System
17 A type of real estate loan which gives the lender a primary lien against a property.
19 The expenses and fees paid by borrowers and sellers for the costs involved in the closing of the mortgage loan. These cost may include: title insurance, attorney fees, taxes, and origination fees, etc.
21 The date of the Note.
22 A policy that protects the mortgagor and investor from any unforeseen liens or levies against the property. It is a contract in which the insurer agrees to pay for any loss caused by defects of title to real estate.
23 A business that gathers credit information on consumers. The bureau reflects the payment history information reported by the creditors on every loan or outstanding debt made by the customer.
26 The date on which a debt becomes due or the termination date on which an installment loan must be repaid in full.
27 The market value of real property, minus the amount of existing liens (i.e. less the amount owed).
31 A mortgage banking term used to characterize the ownership of a real property that was acquired for the purpose of investment or due to a foreclosure.
32 The sale of property used as a security for a debt, to satisfy that debt.
36 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
37 A fixed rated installment loan based on the available equity in a home.
40 Chairman & CEO JP Morgan Chase
41 A deed relinquishing all interest, title, or claim to a property (commonly used in divorce situations). One party surrenders all their rights to another party. However, this does not legally change or remove overall responsibility for the loan
43 Money paid by the borrower for the use of the lender's funds.
44 A person licensed to sell or lease real property, acting as an agent for others, and who is a member of a local real estate board affiliated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR).
45 A written promise to pay a sum of money at a stated interest rate during a specified term. The main purpose of this document is to make the mortgagor personally liable for the payment of the debt.
46 An opinion of value based upon a factual analysis
47 A loan account that is in default status, which the bank no longer expects to collect. The account is written off as bad debt.
49 When a customer refuses to pay the rest of amount due on a loan.
2 A document that indicates proof of transfer of ownership of a mortgage from one party to another party. Normally, this occurs between two lending organizations or from a mortgage company to an investor.
3 The status of a loan when the borrower(s) have not made a payment in the required time period.
4 The process of paying off a previous loan with money from a new loan while using the same property as security.
5 Government National Mortgage Association
7 Insurance coverage available for owner-occupied properties to protect against personal liability and physical property damages for a dwelling and its contents.
10 Federal National Mortgage Association
13 Federal Housing Administration
14 A process by which an individual or corporation is relieved from payment of their debts. All assets are surrendered to a court-appointed trustee and then distributed to the creditors as full satisfaction of the debts, in accordance with certain prior
15 A benchmark or guideline interest rate that a bank establishes from time to time and uses in calculating an appropriate rate for a particular loan or line of credit contract.
16 A general term which includes anyone who did not sign a contract, agreement, instrument, etc.
18 Document that details what is held as collateral for the loan. Serves as customer's acknowledgment that the property is being used as collateral and allows the bank to file a lien and initiate the repossession process, if necessary.
20 A fee paid by the insured to the insurer for insurance coverage. Or, the amount paid (many times in addition to the interest) to secure a loan.
24 A business contract in which a borrower agrees to pay interest for the use of the lenders funds.
25 CentrePort Office Center
26 Any change to the original terms of the contract between the customer and financial institution.
28 Time and Attendance
29 An up-front charge paid by the borrower to the bank to cover the costs of processing and approving an application for a home mortgage. It is usually expressed as a percentage of the loan amount.
30 The person, company, or entity responsible for the day-to-day management and processing of a loan.
33 A charge made by a lender for payments received beyond the due date.
34 Chain of Title
35 The process of reviewing, analyzing and making a decision whether to approve, disapprove, or modify an application for credit.
38 A person who makes a legally binding promise to either pay another person's debt or perform another person's duty if that person defaults or fails to perform.
39 A type of deed whereby the seller of a property guarantees that the title is free of litigation or defects and, therefore, may be transferred.
42 Property pledged as security for a debt.
48 The amount of money required to satisfy the loan and end the debt by the customer.
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