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Mortgage Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Mortgage Terms

                          1         2     3            
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Across Down
6 if less than 20% downpayment is made this type of insurance is needed
9 what EMD means
10 another name for closing
11 subject property is in zone x so what insurance is required
12 one of the 5 'C' s of lending
13 the initial required disclosure document once all 6 pieces are obtained
14 the document required to support alimony or childsupport
17 if DTI exceeds 43% the loan is no longer considered a what
18 the legal document that both buyer and seller sign
21 the legal document disclosed prior to closing
26 rates are expressed as a
1 independant report used to determine vale
2 length of residency needed on the application
3 name of a GSE
4 a legal document that contains the termsof repayment
5 another GSE
7 additional coverage but not required
8 a home that shares common walls and has an association
15 1003 is also called
16 A type of insurance required to be paid in full prior to closing
19 the required amount of bank statements
20 the type of credit report we pull
22 calculation used for student loan if in income repayment
23 the name of the registry for loan officers
24 a legal document that gets recorded on the lad records
25 if DTI is under 43% the lender has
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