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Motor Development Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Motor Development

                                            N   S   J U M P I N G    
                      V                     A   L         P          
            G         I     S   O           S   I       K I C K I N G
            A   P     S     T   S       A   P   D         N          
            L   U   F U N   R   T       S K E L E T A L A G E        
            L   N     A     O   E       S                            
          F O O T B A L L   K   O     F I N E M O T O R              
            P   I     A     E   P       M                            
                N     C     V   O   S K I P P I N G                  
                G     U     O   R       L                            
                      I     L   O       A   C A T C H I N G          
                  M   T     U   S       T   O                        
                B O D Y C O M P I S I T I O N                        
                  T         E   S       O   S T R I K I N G          
                  O                     N   E                        
              C A R D I A C O U T P U T     R E F L E C T I V E      
                  D                         V                        
                C E P H A L O C A U D A L   A                        
              F   V                         T H R O W I N G          
          H   L   E                 G       I                        
        S O C I A L I Z A T I O N   R     V O L U N T E R R S        
          M   G   O                 O       N                        
          O   H   P R O X I M A D I S T A L                          
          L   T   M                 S                                
          A       E     P                                            
          T   F I N G E R T A P P I N G                              
          E   L   T     E   D   R     Y                              
S O C C E R   E         H   A   E     M                              
          A   X         E   P   A     B                              
          L   I         N   T   D     O                              
              B         S   A   A     R                              
              I         I   T   P     E                              
      C R A W L I N G   O   I   T     E                              
              I         N   O   E                                    
      F R A C T U R E       N   D                                    
Across Down
4 body is projected into the air with both feet
9 another form of striking, the foot is used to give impetus to a ball
12 most predominant reason why children participate in youth sports
13 most widely accepted assessment procedure for determining stage of maturation
14 most popular interscholastic sport for boys
15 generally refers to the three movements provided by smaller muscles or muscle groups
16 most difficult of the three motor patterns
17 action of bringing an airborne object under control by using the hands and arms
19 how much of the body is made up of fat vs lean tissue
20 fundamental movement in which a distinguished body part or some independent is used to project an object
21 amount of blood that can be pumped out of the heart in 1 minute
22 this period is characterized by the individual's beginning to learn the ways of the world
23 from the head to the tail
25 most complex fundamental movements, consists of 3 phases
28 process of learning and social development which occurs as we interact with one another and become acquainted with the social world in which we live
29 majority of people who are coaching youth sports, they lack the necessary preparation to coach
30 from those points closest to the bodies center to those points farthest from the bodies center
32 an important indicator of fine motor coordination and is often used to diagnose neurological difficulty
36 one of America's fastest growing sports
37 normally begins between approximately 7 to 8 months
38 most common injury in youth fotoball
1 body is projected into the air with one foot
2 National Association for Sports and Physical Education
3 essentially the same as a gallop, but preformed sideways
5 the degree of detail that can be seen in an object
6 first of the fundamental movements displayed
7 amount of blood pumped from the heart with each beat
8 loss of bone mineral to the point that it renders a bone susceptible to fracture
10 striking an airborne ball with the foot
11 process by which children attempt to interpret new experiences based on their present interpretation of the world
17 realizing that certain characteristics of something may remain the same when the appearance is rearranged
18 changes in motor behavior which reflect the interaction of the motoring organism and its environment
24 phase that most readily distinguishes the walk from the run
26 the leg on the same side of the body as the striking arm
27 movements primarily controlled by the large muscle groups
31 act of grasping, which includes approaching, grasping and releasing opjects
32 range of motion within joints
33 adjusting to the demands of the environment
34 period in which we produce movement via an impulse from the higher brain centers
35 program that provides certain types of play that are believed to be essential for development but are not readily available at home
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