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Movements OF The Ocean Crossword Puzzle

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Movements of the Ocean

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Across Down
8 movement of water toward and away from the coast due to the rise and fall of the tides
10 stream like movement of water on or near the surface of the ocean
12 periodic up and down movement of water
13 deflection of wind and ocean currents caused by the earths rotation
16 swift, warm Atlantic that flows from the Gulf of Mexico, around Florida and up the east coast of North America
17 weak, slow - moving ocean current
19 bending of a wave as it reaches shallow water
20 swift movement of water caused by the return to the ocean through channels in underwater sand bars
23 stream like movement of water beneath the surface of the ocean
1 time required for a complete wavelength to pass a given point
2 surge of water that rushes upstream in a river as a tide rises
3 tide with minimum daily tidal range that occurs during the first and third quarters of the moon
4 irregular current that pulls water from a beach back to the ocean
5 one of a group of long, rolling waves that are the same size
6 difference between the levels of the high and low tides at a specific location
7 highest point of a wave
8 slow, rocking motion of ocean water that occurs as tidal bulges move around the earth
9 tide with maximum daily range that occurs just ahead of a fast moving cold front
11 vertical distance between the crest and the trough of a wave
14 distance that wind can blow across open water
15 huge circle of moving water formed as a result of wind belts and the coriolis effect
18 crest of a wave that is blown off by high winds
21 daily change in the level of the ocean surface
22 foamy mass of water that washes onto the shore
24 steady movement in one direction such as that of water in the ocean
25 lowest point between 2 wave crests
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