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Movie Quotes

                        T H E H E L P         W                        
                    J   H             K       H                        
          B         E   E   P         I     K A R A T E K I D          
          R         R   W   O         S       T                        
          A         R   I   L   S     S       A                        
          V         Y   Z   T   P     I       G   A                    
          E         M   A   E   I     N       I   S T A R W A R S      
          H         A   R   R   D     G       R   G                    
          E         G   D   G   E     A       L   O                    
          A         U   O   E   R     F       W   O                    
          R   F     I   F   I   M     O       A   D                    
          T H E C U R I O U S C A S E O F B E N J A                    
    C         R     E   Z   T   N     L       T   S                    
    L         R                               S   I                    
    U     T H I N G S I H A T E A B O U T Y O     T H E L I O N K I N G
    E         S                                   G                    
    L O R D O F T H E R I N G S             B     E                    
    E         R                             A     T H E N O T E B O O K
    S       G O N E W I T H T H E W I N D   T     S                    
    S         M                             M   C                      
              F               R   S         A   A                      
          T H E P U R S U I T O F H A P P Y N E S S                    
  P           R               C   R             T                      
  U           R               K   E             A                      
A L L T H E K I N G S M E N   Y   K         T   W                      
  P     A     S                             H   A                      
  F     R     B E F O R E S U N R I S E     E   Y                      
  I     R     U                             G                          
  C     Y     E     Y       F         B     O                          
  T     P   A L I C E I N W O N D E R L A N D                          
  I     O     L     A       R         A     F A C T O T U M            
  O     T           R       R         C     A                          
  N     T           S       E         K     T H E B E A C H            
        E           A       S         H     H                          
        R           S       T         A     E                          
                    L       G         W     R                          
                    A       U         K                                
                    V       M         D                                
                    E       P         O                                
Across Down
1 You is kind, you is smart, you is important
7 Wax on, wax off
10 Be Determind, instead of intending to just try, do it!
12 Donít take missing any opportunities as a bad thing, you never know what life is trying to teach you.
14 You deserve what you want when youíre trying your best to fight for it, no one can take that right from you
15 Your past experiences are valuable lessons to yuo now, learn from them.
16 Make every moment count, enjoy your life time and donít waste it.
18 You should love and take care of yourself because after all, itís your own life
19 After all, tomorrow is another day!
23 Never give up on your dream, fight your hardest for it
25 Before you do anything, be clear of why you want to do it. The purpose is an important reason to support what youíll do.
28 If you wait for others to complete you, youíll never be able to have peace in your mind whenever youíre alone
32 Stop trying to please everyone because itís impossible. Do what makes you comfortable
33 In order to achieve your dreams and goals, youíll go through tough times for sure but hold on!
34 Instead of seeking for happiness, live the moment and thatís where happiness exists.
1 Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain
2 Just be yourself because you're unique and you'll shine.
3 You complete me
4 Learn to let go and be clear of where you really want to head for.
5 They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom.
6 They're here
8 Everyone has a choice, you can choose your own path in life
9 You make me a better man
11 Lifeís too short to miss out anything, try to take it slowly
13 As if
17 Why so serious
20 Always have hope. Be optimistic for your future.
21 Yo, Adrian
22 Believe in yourself. Your confidence will lead you to success and happiness.
24 They call it a Royale with cheese
26 You donít need to hide yourself because youíre afraid of what others think of you. You have the choice to live your own life
27 Achieving greatness is all about how much effort you make throughout the time.
29 I don't want to survive, I want to live!
30 The least expected things happen at your least expected time in life
31 The little things you do today could make a great difference in future.
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