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Multicellular Primary Producers Crossword Puzzle

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Multicellular Primary Producers

                              1   2   3                      
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Across Down
4 the leaf-like portion of the thallus
7 consists of many segments with deposits of calcium carbonate
9 the farming of seaweed
11 an important phycocolloid that is used extensively as a stabilizer in the manufacture of dairy products
12 organisms that are capable of using light energy to preform photosynthesis
13 a diploid that results from the fusion of gametes
14 spores that have flagella for movement
15 most complex and largest of all brown algaes
17 among the richest, most productive environments in the marine realm; also called forests
18 red algae that deposit calcium carbonate within their cell walls
19 gelatinous chemicals produced by seaweeds that are used in food processing
21 a haploid that produces haploid gametes
22 gas-filled bladders that keep the blades close to the surface
24 diploid spores produced by the carposporophyte
28 causes the olive green/dark brown color of brown algae
1 a shape that coralline algae take; it covers rocks
2 through meiosis this diploid produces haploid cells
3 red pigment in red algae; masks chlorophyll
5 the name for the complete body of seaweed
6 an area in the Atlantic that gets its name from a certain type of weed
8 an example of this is a life history with two generations
10 gas-filled floats found in many species of brown algae; also known as wracks
16 process by which seaweeds produce haploid spores of gametes
20 structure that looks like roots and anchors the thallus to the bottom
23 the common name for macrophytes and macroalgae
25 stem-like structure of the seaweed
26 fusing between two of these ensures that the new generation has genetic information from both parents
27 when cells of seaweed divide and produce identical cells
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