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Muscle Groups Crossword Puzzle

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Muscle Groups

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Across Down
2 strong quads and hamstrings can prevent this from getting injured
6 compound leg exercise done walking or in 'Russian' form
7 prefix meaning four - cannot kick without them
8 what the pectorals, triceps, and anterior deltoids do
10 biceps bend the arm at this point
11 prefix can be put in a car - muscle points the toe away from you
14 leg muscle meaning large toward the middle
16 what the glutes do to lift a leg behind you
17 these move the arms up in the front, to the side and back
19 if they are visible, may be referred to as the 'six pack'
22 meaning the back side
23 alone on an island or single skeletal joint moving
25 sit on them - or lift a leg behind you
26 opposite of push
1 help perform trunk rotational movement
3 prefix meaning 'to come before' - indicates the front side of the body
4 two or more skeletal joints moving during an exercise
5 Posterior side - diamond shape
8 attatches at the collarbone, sternum, and upper arm
9 row a boat or pull start a lawn mower using these
12 'towards the middle'
13 prefix meaning two
15 meaning 'to the side'
17 attaches muscle to bone
18 prefix meaning three
20 one of three that point your toes away from you
21 refers to the large leg bone from the knee to the hip
24 abnormal stress that creates an adaptation
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