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Muscles Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                                            F A T I G U E
          S             N               S A R C O M E R E
          Y       H Y P E R T R O P H Y     I            
T E N D O N S           U                   L            
          E           C R O S S B R I D G E S            
          R         A   O                                
          G         T   M U S C L E F I B E R S          
          I         R   U                         P      
          S         O   S K E L E T A L M U S C L E      
          T         P   C                         R      
          S M O O T H M U S C L E     O     A C T I N    
                    Y   L         T   R           M      
                        A N T A G O N I S T S     Y      
      P R I M E M O V E R         N   G           S      
                        J         E   I     F     I      
        E N D O M Y S I U M           N     A     U      
                        N                   S     M      
                        C A R D I A C M U S C L E        
                        T                   I   P        
                        I   C   F     I     A   I        
                    M Y O F I L A M E N T S     M        
                    Y   N   S   S     S   A     Y        
                    O       T   C     E   R     S        
                    S       E   I     R   C     I        
                    I       R   C     T   O     U        
                    N       N   L     I   L     M        
                            A   E     O   E              
                            E   S     N   M              
Across Down
2 to feel tired and exhausted
5 structural unit of a myofibril in muscle
6 enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells
7 a flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous collagen tissue
8 myosin molecule
10 consists of myofibers and turns into myofilaments
12 a muscle that is connected to the skeleton to form part of the system
13 consists of contractile fibrils
15 a protein that forms myosin
17 a muscle whose action counteracts that of another muscle
18 a mechanical source of motive power
20 a wispy layer of areolar connective tissue
21 another term for myocardium
26 filled with myofibrils and in action in muscle
1 any of the elongated contractile threads found in muscle cells
3 a substance or organ that participates in an effect of synergy
4 a chemical synapse formed by connective tissue
9 wast away of a body tissue or organ
11 the sheath of connective tissue surrounding a bundle of muscle fibers
14 the place or point where a muscle nerve or other body part arises
16 gives something strength
19 a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ
22 a sheath of fibrous elastic tissue surrounding a muscle
23 flattened membrane or disk
24 a bundle of structures such as nerves or muscle fibers in vessels
25 a thing that is inserted in particular
26 a fibrous protein that forms together and makes muscle cells
27 the fine transport tubular sheath that envelops the fibers of skeletal muscle
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