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Muscles And Muscle Tissue Crossword Puzzle

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Muscles and Muscle Tissue

Fill in the lanks with the correct vocabualry word

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Across Down
3 A protein found in muscle tissue as a thick filament made up of an aggregate of similar proteins
9 generate force by changing the length of the muscle
10 whose action is normally controlled by an individual's will
11 continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles
13 deep invagination of the sarcolemma, which is the plasma membrane of skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle cells.
15 rigid rod hat moves about some fixed point called a fulcrum
17 a pale band across a striated muscle fiber tthat consistes of actin; much less birefringent to polarized light
18 is the decline in ability of a muscle to generate force
19 are the filaments of myofibrils, constructed from proteins, principally myosin or actin
20 by minor muscle contractions in the area, or uncontrollable twitching of a muscle group that is served by a single motor nerve fiber
24 attachment site for the thick filaments
25 the condition in which muscles of the body remain semi-contracted for an extended period
26 composed of many fibrils, which give the cell its striated appearance
30 a muscle that opposes the action of another
1 a protein of muscle that forms a complex with troponin regulating the interaction of actin and myosin in muscular contraction.
2 myolemma, is the cell membrane of a striated muscle fiber cell.
4 a bundle of skeletal muscle fibers surrounded by perimysium
5 a protein of muscle that together with tropomyosin forms a regulatory protein complex controlling the interaction of actin and myosin and that when combined with calcium ions permits muscular contraction.
6 th eact or process of inserting
7 the term used to refer to narrow plate-shaped regions that separate neighboring sarcomeres
8 the action of a functioning muslce or muscle fiber in whch fforce is generated accomplished especially by hsortening and thickening of the muscle
9 causes muscle to shorten thereby generating force
12 one of the cross straitions in straited muscle that contain myosin filaments and appear dark under the light microscope and light in polarized light
14 a wispy layer of areolar connective tissue that ensheahs each individual oversites the muscle fibers cell membran e
16 work together to coordinate the contractions of a single muscle
21 a protein found in all eukaryotic cells, forming filaments that make up a main component of the cells supporting matrix or cytoskeleton
22 a narrow and less dense zone of myosin filaments bisecting the A band in straited muscle
23 the sheath of connective tissue surrounding a bundle of muscle fibers.
27 a type of cytoplasm, myoplasm is the entire contractile portion of muscle tissue
28 the quantity that can be carried at one time by a specified means
29 a sheath of fibrous elastic tissue surrounding the muscle
30 a muscle whose contraction move a part of the body directly
31 a giant protein, greater than 1 Ám in length, that functions as a molecular spring which is responsible for the passive elasticity of muscle
32 is the attachment site that doesn't move during contraction, while the insertion is the attachment site that does move when the muscle contracts
33 a structural unit of a myofibril in striated muscle, consisting of a dark band and the nearer half of each adjacent pale band
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