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Muscular Crossword Puzzle

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6 A layer of fibrous tissue.
9 The muscle tissue of the heart; adapted to continued rhythmic contradiction.
10 Any of the ultra microscopic threadlike structures composing the myofibrils of striated muscle fibers.
12 Forms the supporting tissue of blood vessels and hollow internal organs, such as the stomach, intestine, and bladder.
14 During muscle contradiction, the sequence of events that occurs between the time when a crossbridge binds to a thin filament.
15 A muscle connected to the skeleton to form part of the mechanical system that moves the limbs and other parts of the body.
16 A nerve cell forming part of pathway along which impulses pass from the brain or spinal cord to a muscle or gland.
18 Muscle cell: an elongated contractile cell that forms the muscles of the body.
1 Or or relating to skeletal muscle that is composed of strong, rapidly contracting fibers, adapted for high-intensity, lowendurance activities.
2 Muscles having opposite functions the contraction of one neutralizing the contraction of the other.
3 Any of the elongated contractile threads found in striated muscle.
4 A muscle that acts as a stabilizer of one part of the body during movement of another part.
5 One of the segments into which a myofibril is divided.
7 The change in electrical potential associated with the passage of an impulse along the membrane of a cell or nerve cell.
8 A muscle or agent which acts with another.
11 A protein that forms (with myosin) the contractile filaments of muscle cells.
13 A muscle that acts directly to bring about a desired movement.
17 The degree of such a slope.
18 A protein that makes close to one half of the total protein in muscle tissue.
19 Of or relating to skeleton muscle that is composed of weak, slowly contracting fibers, adopted for low-intensity, high-endurance activities.
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