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Muscular System Crossword Puzzle

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Muscular System

                          1               2                            
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Across Down
3 Fluid filled sac
9 The hip joint is a
11 Outer ear
12 Flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, circumduction
13 Joints connected entirely by Cartilage
15 Present in joints, respiratory tract, and the immature skeleton
17 Chronic inflammatory disease of the joints
19 Consist of the bones of the head and trunk of a vertabrate
21 Cartilage that contains fibrous bundles of collagen
24 Shaft or central part of a long bone
27 Mature bone tissue is removed -- new tissue forms
29 Tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissue
30 Cracking or breaking
1 Runs through the entire length of the spinal cord
2 Layer of synovial membrane around a tendon
4 Bone cells (mature)
5 Bone cells that absorb bone tissue during growth and healing
6 A space between the bones of the skull in an infant or fetus
7 Inflammation of one or more joints
8 Secrets the matrix for bone formation
10 Divided into six major regions
14 Only alllows gliding movements
16 Connected by fibrous connective tissue
18 Joints between bones with a fibrous joint capsule
20 Also known as cancellous bone
22 Red blood cells and platelets arise here
23 Joint shaped like a saddle
25 Dense layer of vascular connective tissue
26 Parallel with the longitude axis of the bone
28 End part of a long bone
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