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Across Down
3 Medea's special gift
4 Leader of the Quest of the Golden Fleece
6 Shepherd who has the moon, Selene's, love
9 Flew too close to the sun and fell to his death in the ocean
10 Created the labyrinth that housed the Minotaur
11 Serpent-like water beast; if you cut off one of its many heads, two more will grow in its place
13 Young sculptor who fell in love with his greatest creation
14 A simple fisherman turned into a merman
16 Tamed Pegasus, but only till his arrogance got him bucked
17 Her extreme beauty made men forget about Venus and forget to worship her
18 Lion in front, serpent behind, goat in between, breath of fire
19 Fierce warrior women
21 Beautiful singing voices lure sailors to their deaths
22 Serpent whose gaze is deadly
24 Super jealous of his wife, causing his marriage to end
28 Half man, half bull
30 Hell hath no fury like this scorned woman
31 Father of the Amazons
1 Mortal mother of Phaethon
2 Sea monster often said to look like a giant squid
5 Couldn't bear to live without her husband, Ceyx, so was turned into a bird to be with him
7 Giant twins who loved each other and thought they could defeat the gods
8 Psyche's first task was to sort these
10 Transformed into a laurel tree to escape Apollo
12 Mortal mother of Bellerophon, yet a peer of the immortals as she was trained by Athena
13 Perished after driving his father, the sun-god's, chariot
15 Jason's sheep
20 Body of a lion, face of a woman; answer its riddles to escape death
23 Stung by a viper on her wedding
25 Winged creatures with hooked beaks and talons; left behind a terrible stench
26 Winged horse
27 Chose to kill himself rather than live without his love, Thisbe
29 Tried to save his wife from the Underworld
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