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Natural Resources Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Natural Resources

                    A           A                    
            W       C     P     T                    
            I       I     I     U           B        
            N       D     P     R           I        
            D       R     E     A     T     O        
            E       A     L     L     R     M        
            N       I     I     G     E     A       P
            E   N O N R E N E W A B L E R E S O U C E
            R   O         E     S     S     S       T
            G   N                                   R
          H Y D R O E L E C T R I C E N E R G Y     O
                E                                   L
                N                                   E
              G E O T H E R M A L E N E R G Y       U
                W                                   M
          S O L A R E N E R G Y                      
          N U C L E A R E N E R G Y                  
                R E N E W A B L E R E S O U R C E    
  G A S O L I N E                             O      
                S                             A      
              F O S S I L F U E L S           L      
                R E N E W A B L E R E S O U C E      
S O L A R P A N E L S                                
Across Down
8 Source of energy which isn't easily produced as fast as it's normally used.
9 Operates alongside with the water cycle.
10 Not readily available on the Earth as it's only located in certain areas.
11 Requires a large amount of sunlight which isn't readily available on Earth.
12 Its purpose is to prevent harmful radiation from being passed into our environment.
13 Sunlight and wind is an example.
15 A nonrenewable source of energy which comes from organisms that have died many years ago.
16 Not expensive to use; an energy resource made from plant and animal remains.
17 Source of energy which is easily replaced by nature.
18 Absorbs the sun
1 50% of homes in America use this for heating.
2 Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combine with the water in the air and causes this.
3 Bird and bats need to be cautious as they may get too close to a turning blade which is involved in this type of energy.
4 Fossil fuels are transported by rail, truck, ship and?
5 Can be converted into methane or alcohol.
6 A type of renewable resource when removed will grow back, hopefully in time to need it again.
7 Burning this causes smog which creates a foggy layer of air pollution.
8 Coal is an example.
14 Contains from a sedimentary rock; used for mining purposes.
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