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Neck And Back Crossword Puzzle

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Neck and Back

                                              1         2        
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Across Down
9 the 'tail bone'
10 muscle s between the ribs
12 muscle that runs laterally and is considered the deepest of the abdominal muscles
13 the foramen only cervical vertebra have
14 the abs
16 Connects the ribs to the sternum
17 Large hole made by the vertebral arch and body
20 Long muscle that runs mid back along the spinous processes
24 foramen that is created by two vertebra coming together
26 abdominal muscle that runs diagonally on the outside of the abdominal cavity
28 muscle that connects the back of the head to the cervical vertebra
32 ribs 1-7
33 center part of the sternum
34 ribs that have an indirect connection to the sternum
35 Process that makes the 'point' of the sternum
1 what passes through the vertebral foramen
2 the joint between the atlas and the axis
3 Superior portion of the sternum
4 End of the rib that attaches to cartilage
5 Process that comes off the vertebral arch and points dorsally
6 Portion of the vertebra that connects the transverse process to the body
7 Portion of the vertebra that connects the spinous process to the transverse process
8 C1
11 Large muscle that connects to the mastoid process
15 Consists of 5 vertebra
18 C2
19 the end of a rib that attaches to the vertebra
21 muscle that allows us to breath
22 Vertebra that make up the neck
23 process that protrudes from the axis
25 made up of the pedicle, transvers process, lamina, and the spinous process bilaterally
27 Ribs that have no connection to the sternum
28 the notch at the most superior and midline section of the manubrium
29 the side where vertebra touch and move against each other
30 Vertebra that makes up the mid back
31 Triangular bone that makes the base of the spine
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