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Nervous System Crossword Puzzle

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Nervous System

5           6                                                      
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Across Down
5 tubular, coiled, and fluid filled structure
7 carry out higher order functions such as learning and memory
8 nicotine, cocaine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, alcohol, tetrahydrocannabinol
10 rapid change in membrane potential which occurs in two phases
11 example of altruism
12 negative to positive
13 -70 mV
14 method by which an impulse travels down the axon
15 used in autonomic control of gut muscles, breathing, blood vessels, and heart muscle
18 example of innate behavior
1 Na+ gradient outside axon is opposite to gradient inside axon. Allows for propagation of nerve impulses
2 coordinates unconscious functions, such as posture, non-voluntary movement and balance
3 responsible for color vision
4 behavior as a result of genetics
6 breaks down acetylcholine back into acetyl and choline
9 changes to how the nervous system is wired
13 responsible for black and white vision
16 example of development and loss of learned behavior
17 2 in
19 Elimination of neurons or dendrites and axon terminals of neurons
20 positive to negative
21 behavior pattern only developed during a certain stage of life
22 method by which neurotransmitter leave the presynaptic membrane
23 3 out
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