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Neurologic Information Crossword Puzzle

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Neurologic Information

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Across Down
6 Common symptoms of this are fatigue, problems with coordination, weakness in one or more extremity, and depression
7 What are the 2 main parts of the nervous system?
8 This test diagnoses infections and has a risk of headache following the procedure
12 A patient in stupor but can be aroused
14 If you are assessing nerve roots C4, L2, and S1. What are you assessing for?
15 There are 3 types: spastic paralysis, athetoid, and ataxic
16 A medical emergency in which the patient has had a seizure that has lasted 30 minutes or more
18 Assesses a combination of eye-opening response, motor response, and verbal response
19 If this is positive, it is indicitive of cortical dysfunction where the big toe bends upward and the other toes fan out
20 The combination of hypertension, bradycardia, and a widening pulse pressure
1 Valuable information about neurologic status but are late indicators
2 CNS tumors
3 Decreased responsiveness accompanied by lack of spontaneous motor activity
4 The cranial nerve tested when you ask the person to smile, show his teeth, and puff out cheeks
5 Assesses electrical activity to detect seizures
9 A patient who cannot be aroused even by powerful stimuli
10 Excessive drowsiness
11 Unsteady gait and balance on the same side as the brain lesion
13 Unnatural drowsiness or sleepiness
17 An example of a vascular disorder
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