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8 The sites at which the axonal connection of one neuron corresponds with the dendritic extension of another neuron are called the ______________
9 Which term refers to a timeframe of development corresponding to growth or change in a particular aspect of neuroanatomy or neurophysiology that underlies a given sensory or motoric capacity?
10 Prior to storage in long term memory, incoming information is transmitted to the __________________ in the left temporal lobe for consolidation.
12 The _______________________ is specialized for linguistic processing
14 _________ information is sent to the left hemisphere
15 Improved brain functioning during development can be mostly attributed to
16 Which term relates primarily to the capacity for the sensory and motor systems to organize and reorganize themselves by generating new synaptic connections or by using existing synapses for alternative means?
17 _________ information is sent to the right hemisphere
18 While information is held in working memory, incoming information undergoes linguistic analysis in ______________________.
19 ____________ is important for activating the muscles used in writing
21 _________________ is the study of the neuroanatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of language.
1 The peripheral nervous system consists of _________ spinal nerves
2 ____________ pathways move away from the brain, carrying motor impulses from the central nervous system to more distal structures of the body.
3 The ________________ is the largest portion of the brain.
4 The membranes that cover the CNS are called ________________.
5 The __________________ is the minuscule space between neurons through which chemical-electrical signals “jump.”
6 The ___________ initiates and regulates virtually all motor, sensory, and cognitive processes.
7 _________ is the ability to sustain attention over time.
8 _______________________ are based on recognizing patterns of incoming information.
11 The peripheral nervous system consists of _________ cranial nerves
13 Each neuron has a single efferent nerve extension, the _________, which carries nerve impulses away from the cell body.
20 Most adults can hold approximately ____ items simultaneously in short term memory
22 The _________________relays incoming sensory information to the appropriate portion of the brain for analysis and prepares the brain to receive input.
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