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Neurones And Senses Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Neurones and Senses

                                P     E               G            
                  M A C U L A   E     N               I            
                            L   R     D   L           A            
                            L   C     O   A           L            
                            O   E     R   M           C            
                            D   P     P   I   B       E            
                            Y   T     H   N   R       L            
                            N   I     I   A   O       L            
                        O L I G O D E N D R O C Y T E S            
        P Y R A M I D A L   A   N     S       A                    
                        A C T I O N P O T E N T I A L              
                  A C E T Y L C H O L I N E   M   R                
                        O                     A   E                
    T       N O D E O F R A N V I E R         L   C                
    H                   Y               L     L   E                
N O R A D R E N A L I N E               G     E   P                
    E                   P H O T O T R A N S D U C T I O N          
    S               G   I                     S   O     O          
    H         S Y N A P T I C C L E F T           R     C F I B R E
    O               B   H                       G       I          
    L               A   E P E N D Y M A L C E L L S     C          
    D           P       L                       Y     V E S I C L E
              G A N G L I O N C E L L S         C       P          
                P       U               C       I       T          
                I   S O M A T O S E N S O R Y   N       O          
                L   T                   C       E       R          
                L   R                   H               S          
                A   E                   L                          
                E   A                   E                          
                    M                   A                          
Across Down
4 A dark sot in the middle of the retina with no blood vessels and with high visual acuity
8 A type of glial cells that produce myelin sheath in the central nervous system.
9 Type of neurone, named after its shape and found mostly in the cerebral cortex.
10 A temporary and slight change in the axon's membrane permeability.
11 Neurotransmitter found in neuromuscular juncture
15 Nodes in the axon without myelin sheath.
17 Excitatory neurotransmitter which raises the blood pressure and is also a hormone.
18 Transformation of electromagnetic energy into electric signals
21 Tiny space between presynaptic and postsynaptic cells.
22 Slow and unmyelinated fibres that carry pain information
24 A type of glial cells that produces the fluid that bathes and cushions the brain.
26 Small sac or organelle that stores neurotransmitter.
27 Cells located in the retina and which send information through the optic nerve
29 Area in the cortex that receives sensory information
1 The brain's interpretation of sensation
2 Peptides produced in the brain which inhibit the feeling of pain and cause euphoria
3 Also called neuroglia, cells in the central and peripheral nervous system that do not produce electrical impulses.
5 Pain resulting from a stimulus that does not normally elicit pain
6 The type of organisation in the retina
7 Speech area in the brain
8 Layer of cells in the nasal cavity that detects smells
12 A tiny bone in the ear between the tympanic membrane and the incus
13 Specialised structure in the membrane of the postsynaptic cell.
14 Critical value or level that the neurone needs to reach in order to fire an action potential.
16 Abbreviation for the region in the thalamus that receives information from the eyes before passing it to the superior colliculus
19 Pain's receptors
20 Inhibitory neurotransmitter; often called the nature's Valium.
23 The only neurotransmitter that is also an amino acid
25 Tiny projections in the tongue with taste receptor cells
28 Snail looking structure in the inner ear
29 The way through which visual information travels in the cortex
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