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New Republic And Expansion Crossword Puzzle

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New Republic and Expansion

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Across Down
3 Adam's law that infinges citizens 1st Amendment right
5 President Washington's closest advisors
6 Famous female textile mill
7 Congressmen who fought to fight the War of 1812
10 Trial of
11 This political party bases their economy on farming
13 Cloth or fabric
15 Created the first National Bank
17 Making the Cherokee nation move from their homelands
18 This political party bases their economy on industry and trade
19 Jefferson wanted to cut numbers in this
20 Taking crew from American ships to fight for the British Navy
21 Jefferson failed tax on Britain
22 Love for one's country
25 High tax on imports and exports
26 The British captured and burned this important federal building
27 War fought with Muslim pirates
28 This General fought the Native Americans down South
1 The U.S failed to conquer this country
2 Adam's law on immigrants in the U.S
3 Giving government offices for political influences
4 Allowed Missouri to be a slave state and Maine to be a free state
6 Territory bought for 15 million dollars
8 The War of 1812 lacked spreading the word
9 One a country stays out of foreign affairs
12 After the fighting stopped at this fort, the Star-Spangled Banner was created
14 Washington only served two terms to stop being this
16 Doctrine that states continets staying in their own Hemisphere
23 A toll road
24 Allowed to transport goods upstream
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