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North Carolina Beach Lingo Crossword Puzzle

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North Carolina Beach Lingo

Can you identify all of these words associated with coastal North Carolina?

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Across Down
4 Large ocean inhabitant that created much fear and publicity during the summer of 2015
7 Walkway, usually constructed of wood; often connecting amusement rides and concessions
8 body of water
10 '_______ of the Atlantic' where remains of more than 2,000 ships have settled to the ocean floor
11 Can you hear the sound of the ocean when you place this shell to your ear?
12 NC state shell
13 beacon to ships
14 Comfortable rope bed usually suspended between trees or porch posts
15 Warm water current that makes its closest approach to land off the coast of NC
17 the land adjacent to the ocean
18 beach attire admired by men
19 Abbreviation for Outer Banks
20 Sweet confection often sold in coastal shops
1 Swift force that swimmers beware
2 Beach footwear
3 transports vehicles between coastal communities
4 Coppertone or Hawaiian Tropic?
5 Tallest natural sand dune on the east coast
6 Dance associated with roots in both North & South Carolina
9 a place of relaxation, rest and tranquility near the water.
11 Sail boat with two under boards
16 What one would use to ride the waves
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