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Nuclear Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

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Nuclear Chemistry

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Across Down
7 an instrument that measures radioactive levels
8 a process in the atom where one of the inner-orbital electrons is captured by the nucleus
10 devices used to give particles very high speeds
12 The atomic number
13 a nuclear reactor that can be used to produce fissionable fuels while the reactor operates
14 malfunctions in the offspring of an organism due to exposure to radiation
15 when a heavier nucleus is bombarded with neutrons and splits into two daughter nuclei
16 on a graph of the number of protons to the number of neutrons a zone where nuclides are stable
17 the particles found in the nucleus of an atom
18 a helium nucleus
19 a self sustaining fission reaction
23 radiation sickness
24 combining two light nuclei to form a heavier, more stable nucleus
1 a particle of matter with the same mass as an electron, but opposite charge
2 the time required for the number of nuclides to react half of their original value
3 a substance that is used in nuclear reactors to slow down neutrons so that the nuclear fuel can capture them more efficiently
4 radioactive nuclides that can be introduced into organisms whose pathways can be traced by monitoring their radioactivity
5 a number of nuclides that decay over a period of time
6 the change of one element into another
9 an electron that is ejected from the nucleus during radioactive decay
11 a fission process that runs out of control and causes a violent explosion
19 a process use to establish an age for ancient artifacts
20 the nuclear device dropped on Nagasaki
21 the nuclear device dropped by the Enola Gay
22 neutral particle found in the nucleus of an atom
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