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Nursing Skills Crossword Puzzle

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Nursing Skills

                3 4                          
  9                                     10    
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Across Down
3 mucus of the respiratory system
5 a device that measures the amount of volume of air inhaled
6 scale used to determine risk for pressure injury
8 inserting an artificial airway
9 technique used to perform insertion of catheter, wound care, suctioning, etc.
11 most effective way of preventing the spread of infection
13 type of injection used for TB test
14 precaution of C. Diff
16 artificial opening created in the large intestine and brought to the surface of the abdomen for evacuating the bowels
17 method used for IM injections
18 catheter associated urinary tract infection
1 pus-like draining
2 primary electrolyte in the extracellular fluid
4 primary electrolyte in the intracellular fluid
5 type of injection administered below the skin into the adipose tissue
7 inflammation and irritation of the vein at IV site
10 intentional open wound
12 a reduced amount of oxygen in the blood
15 production of excessive amounts of urine
16 a document that outlines the individual needs of the patient and the approach of the health care team to meet these needs
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