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Odyssey Giant Crossword Puzzle

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Odyssey Giant

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Across Down
4 The theme of an epic journey is seen in common works of literature such as The ____________________.
7 _____________ flaw is the character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall or causes problems for the protagonist (for Odysseus it is his cockiness or lack of humility).
8 The author of the Odyssey is ________________________.
12 What symbolic animal does Circe turn Odysseus' men into?
13 ___________________ is the blind prophet that gives Odysseus valuable information in the Land of the Dead.
15 __________________ is the cruelest of all the suitors. He is shot through the neck with an arrow.
18 ____________________ are traditional stories, rooted in a culture, that explain a belief, ritual, or phenomenon.
19 The 10 year war ended because of Odysseus' idea of the ___________________.
20 The Trojan War was started when ________________ of Troy ran off with Paris.
22 Once Odysseus crashes and begins telling his story to King Alcinous' court, what literary technique is being utilized?
25 What gift is Odysseus given from Aeolus?
26 A reference to another work of literature, person, or event.
27 The god that dislikes and creates challenges for Odysseus on his journey home.
29 Odysseus' son.
31 What possible personality flaw leads Odysseus to lingering at the Cyclops' cave?
33 Odysseus' wife.
37 Who delivers the message that Calypso must set Odysseus free?
38 6 headed monster that kills and eats 6 of Odysseus' men.
39 The _______________ of the god, Helios, dooms all of Odysseus' men after they eat them.
40 What plant prevents Odysseus from falling for Circe's magic?
41 Odysseus plugs his men's ears with beeswax to prevent them from hearing the song of these temptresses.
1 The test of the Great Bow is a ___________________ that represents Odysseus' combination of strength and intelligence.
2 Once leaving Calypso's island, his boat is destroyed by Poseidon. Where does he end up?
3 He is a loyal servant of Odysseus and a swineherd.
5 Goddess that keeps Odysseus to herself on her island. She serves as a symbol of the isolation and loneliness of a life without family and loved ones.
6 Odysseus returns to Ithaca, a placed filled with dangerous suitors who would like to see him dead, disguised as a ____________________.
9 'the strategist Odysseus' is an example of an _________________
10 When we first meet Odysseus, he is doing something that makes him appear vulnerable and more relatable than most heroes. What is he doing?
11 ____________________ combine entertainment, song, and history.
14 What personality characteristic does Odysseus use to escape from the Cyclops?
16 What is Odysseus doing while his men are eating the cattle of the son god?
17 She oves Odysseus because he is an intelligent warrior and she serves as his mentor.
21 Odysseus' loyal dog's name. He is mistreated and symbolizes the disarray of Ithaca while Odysseus has been absent.
23 Penelope is smart, loyal, and cautious. Her final test for Odysseus involves this piece of furniture.
24 What disability do Homer and Teiresias share?
28 Homer wrote two great war stories, Odyssey and _______________.
30 ___________ poetry is a long poem that tells of the adventures of one or more great heroes; epopee. An epic is written in a dignified, majestic style, and often gives expression to the characters and ideals of a nation or race.
32 Who speaks these lines, 'Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass / his own home and his parents?'
34 What does Odysseus tell the Cyclops his name is? (must spell correctly)
35 This plant makes people lose hope and desire of returning home.
36 ____________ traditions are stories passed down through generations by word of mouth
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