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OF Mice And Men Crossword Puzzle

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Of Mice and Men

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Across Down
2 Crooks is a _____ man
4 An old man who lost his hand who lost his hand in an accident on the ranch.
5 An unpleasant, belligerent young man. He is the spoiled son of the boss and likes to pick fights that he can easily win. He has recently married.
7 George and Lennie are running from this place
9 Curley used to be one of these
10 A young ranch hand.
13 Lennie crushed Curley's ____
15 The men had a _________ tournament
16 Lennie loves this on his beans
18 In the bunkhouse, the men like to play _____
19 Curley's glove is full of this
20 Lennie's aunt would always give him these
22 A big powerful ranch hand. He takes life as it comes and is not particularly sensitive. He owns a Lugar pistol
23 The leader among the ranch hands. The others look up to his for decisions. And he appears to be tough and wise.
25 Lennie always talks about tending the ______
28 n itinerant ranch hand, living in California in the 1930's. He has given his solitary life a sense of purpose by accepting responsibility for his partner, a retarded man. His dream is to own a small farm of his own.
29 Curley's Wife said Lennie could pet her ____
30 Candy wanted in on George's and Lennie's farm dream. Candy said he could work in the ______
32 George told Lennie he wasnt allowed to ____ when they met the boss in case Lennie messed up their chances to work on the ranch
34 George has to _____ Lennie at the end because of what he did
35 This is where Lennie likes to sleep because of the puppy
1 Crooks is a stable ____
3 Georges partner, also an itinerant ranch hand. He is a large man with the mind of a child. He loooks at the world innocently with no evil intentions, but since he does not know his own strength, he can be dangerous.
5 He is a black man with a twisted spine. He is not allowed into the bunkhouse, but has a room of his own in the stables
6 George said Lennie was his ______
7 She is not given a name. She is a young, foolosh and pretty girl who tends to brag about men who were going to make her a Hollywood star. Her dreams contrast sharply with her monotonous life on the ranch.
8 Slim said Lennie could have one of these
11 Owner of the ranch. Arrogant and confident
12 Candy and his dog are both _______
14 Lennie's last name
17 The men on the ranch were surprised because Lennie and George travel ________
20 Curley's Wife always goes _______ and Curley has to track her down all the time
21 George and Lennie plan to own one of these
24 Candy's dog and Lennie both got shot with this
25 After Lennie killed Curley's Wife, George found Lennie here
26 This was Lennie and Georges mean by the river
27 This is a town near the ranch
29 George told the boss Lennie is slow because he got kicked in the ____
31 Lennie and George had to leave Weed because Lennie tore a womans _____
33 The dead puppy was found under a big pile of _____
36 Lennie killed Curley's wife by breaking her ____
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