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Office Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Office Terms

5       6                    
      9                     10
Across Down
7 Used to erase characters to the left of the insertion point.
8 Can be used for different commands, depending on the program. Often used with modifier keys.
9 The Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys are all examples of this type of key.
11 Used to erase characters to the right of the insertion point.
1 Used to apply a command or finalize data entry. Also used to move the insertion point to the next line.
2 When turned on, locks the alphabet keys so that all letters are uppercase. Use when typing 5 capital letters in a row.
3 Moves the insertion point up, down, left, or right without creating spaces or deleting text.
4 Adds a space at the insertion point.
5 indents the insertion point or text. Indents 5 spaces.
6 The blinking vertical line that indicates where you will begin entering text or data on the screen.
10 Modifier key that, used in combination with text, makes a letter uppercase or types the symbol on the top of the key.
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