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Optics Crossword Puzzle

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              2 3                            
5 6                                          
                13                     14      
Across Down
2 the process in which light or another type of wave interacts with a surface and is sent back from the surface
5 distance between the highest or lowest point of a wave to the rest position
7 a wave for which the action making the wave is back and forth along the direction in which the wave is moving
8 the highest part of a wave
9 energy that spreads from a source in all directions
10 an optical device used to magnify extremely small objects
11 the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with the highest energy, highest frequency, and lowest wave length
12 the changing of direction or bending of light or other type of wave when travelling from one medium to another medium having a different density
13 electromagnetic waves having wavelengths
15 electromagnetic wavelengths having wavelengths from a few cm to several km long
16 electromagnetic waves having wavelengths between 0.3 cm and 30 cm
17 a Greek philosopher
19 the number of repetitive motions, or vibrations, of a wave that occurs in a given amount of time
1 anything that causes a change in the motion of an object
3 a repetitive movement, not of particles, but of electric and magnetic energy through space
4 the array of colors of light that result from the separation or dispersion of white light
6 the material or substance through which a wave is moving
14 the capacity to apply force over a distance
18 cycles per second; unit used to measure frequency of a wave
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