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Optics Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
7 The angle between the refracted ray and the normal line.
10 Light bends when travelling
11 Canít see through it
12 Form of electromagnetic radiation detected by the human eye
13 Objects that give off light
14 Light is emitted after being exposed to radiation
16 Number of waves that pass
17 Emitting light by being heated
18 Eyes clear protective layer
20 Ability of chemicals to give off light
21 A range of different colors
22 Emission of light during chemical reaction
23 Production and emission of light of living things.
24 Angle made by a light ray or wave hitting the surface.
1 Tend to meet at a point
2 Beyond violet-Invisible rays that comes from the sun
3 Electromagnetic waves
4 Can see through clearly
5 A picture to see inside the body
6 The highest point of a wave
7 The angle between the reflected ray and the normal ray
8 Light can pass through it
9 Canít produce light
15 Electromagnetic radiation
17 Electrode magnetic energy
19 Light gathering device
24 Distance that a wave dips or rises.
25 Electromagnetic waves
26 The point where waves meet
27 Having an outline that curves inward
28 Go in different directions
29 Curved or rounded outward
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