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Organic Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

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Organic Chemistry

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Across Down
5 The side branches that extend from the parent chain because they appear
7 A hydrocarbon that contains only single bonds
9 All compounds that contain carbon
11 Nonaromatic hydrocarbons such as alkanes, alkenes and alkynes
12 A class of chiral stereoisomers that results from two possible arrangements of four different atoms or groups of atoms bonded to the same carbon atoms
14 An organic compound that contains a hydrocarbon ring
15 Describes a series of compounds that differ from one another by a repeating unit
16 Organic compounds that contain one or more benzene rings as part of their molecular structure
18 An effect that occurs when polarized light passes through a solution containing an optical isomer and the plane of polarization is rotated to the right by a left isomer, or rotated to the left by a right isomer
20 Simplest organic compound composed only of the elements carbon and hydrogen
1 A saturated hydrocarbon that can have rings with three, four, five, six or more carbon atoms
2 A class of isomers whose atoms are bonded in the same order but are arranged differently in space
3 Two or more compounds that have the same molecular formula but have different molecular structures
4 A property of a compound to exist in both left and right forms
6 A hydrocarbon that contains at least one double or triple bond between carbon atoms
8 A saturated hydrocarbon with only single, non-polar bonds between atoms
10 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
13 An unsaturated hydrocarbon with one or more triple bonds between carbon atoms in a chain
17 The longest continuous chain of carbon atoms in a branched-chain alkane, alkene, or alkyne
19 An unsaturated hydrocarbon with one or more double covalent bonds between carbon atoms in a chain
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