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Orono March Crossword Puzzle Crossword Puzzle

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Orono March Crossword Puzzle

By Joseph Mariani

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Across Down
2 A fine, yellow substance discharged from flowers.
6 Julius Caeser was killed on the '____ of March'.
8 ______ Saving Time starts in March.
11 Which modern state's biggest cities include Jacksonville and Miami?
12 Which New England state gained statehood on March 15th after the Missouri Compromise?
13 To bloom or to show flowers.
14 The Irish name for clover.
17 'Mardi Gras' translates to 'Fat ______' from French. It's also a day of the week.
18 Which Roman god is March named after?
1 What is the national instrument of Ireland?
3 The '______ Tower' opened in the eternal city on March 31st, 1889.
4 This kind of Mardi Gras cake has a baby Jesus doll inside of it.
5 The veterans of which war are celebrated on March 29th?
7 The larva of both moths and butterflies are called this.
9 The national dish of Ireland is 'Irish ____'.
10 The Battle of 'Iwo ____' ended on March 26th, 1945 after five weeks.
14 St. Patrick, according to legend, banished all of which kind of animal from Ireland?
15 Finish the famous Cajun phrase: 'Laissez Les Bons Temps ______'.
16 A young bird.
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