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Oscars Crossword Puzzle

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                  1       2     3   4                        
                  7   8     9               10                
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      20   21                 22                       23        
    24                                                   25    
                          27       28         29   30            
31                                               32            
Across Down
1 A kind of salad
5 To take one's life
6 Robinson or Kennedy
8 Extravagantly fanciful
11 Receives and disposes of stolen goods
13 Inferno on a large body of water
15 A city in New Hampshure
17 To work at an additional job after one's regular employment
19 To soil, stain or tarnish
22 These will kill you!
24 The line or circle that firms the apparent boundary between earth and the sky
27 Evenings with no sound
31 The king of the jungle
32 Joined by treaty, agreement or common cause
34 The absence of sound
35 A crustacean
36 The reaching or attainment of any object or condition
2 A reading of a theatrical work to test suitability
3 Near death
4 A variety of summer squash that looks like a cucumber
7 A person who is the head of or in authority over others
9 A puece of furniture for one that is vacant
10 Head coverings worn by soldiers and firefighters
12 To perform a voice composition
14 A playfully mischevious person
16 The perfect place for animals
18 Los Angeles
20 Warmly affectionate
21 The treble instrument of the family of modern bowed instruments
23 A wilderness of dense ivergrowth
25 You must pay him.
26 Full of life, action or spirit
28 Of or relating to the night
29 A cutting tool for metal
30 A male whonsells goods or services
33 What you find in an oyster shell
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