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Osteology Crossword Puzzle

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Anatomy of Head & Neck

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Across Down
2 Bone forming the forhead & orbit
4 Larger type of canal
7 Stright, small ridge
8 Site of junction between 2 or more bones; moveable articulation
10 Thin fibrous tissue containing blood supply & osteoblasts
11 Longer, narrow tubelike opening
15 Rounded elevation on a bony surface
16 Houses the pituitary gland
17 Large, often rough prominence not usually associated with a joint
18 Flat bony structure
20 Bone forming the base of the cranium; contains the foramen magnum
25 Rounded surface projecting from a bone by a neck
26 General term for any prominence on a bony surface
28 Union of bones joined by fibrous tissue; immovable articulation
1 Prominent, often roughened border or ridge
3 Opening or orifice
5 This bone assists in forming the nasal conchae
6 Short windowlike opening
9 Area of skeleton where bones are joined to each other
12 Shaped like a bridge with a bowlike outline
13 Generally deeper depression on a bony surface; can be attachment areas for muscles
14 Narrow cleftlike opening
16 The wings of this bone help to form the orbit
19 Sharp projection of bone
21 Oval prominence usually involved in joints
22 Pair of cranial bones separated by Sagittal suture
23 Cranial bone which assists in forming a part of the zygomatic arch
24 Indentation at the edge of a bone
27 Shallow depression or groove usually marking the course of an artery or nerve
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