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Othello Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 Othello is the prince of _____.
8 Husband of an adulteress.
9 Venetian senator and father of Desdemona.
10 What does Iago imply that Othello used to win over Desdemona?
12 The person who ways, “I am not what I am.”
13 Item that Othello gave to Desdemona as a token of his love.
14 The island on which most of the story takes place.
15 “_____ catch my soul But I do love thee! And when I love thee not, chaos is come again.”
16 Serpentine monster who grows two heads back when one is severed.
17 French word for “place” + someone who occupies land or property rented from a landlord.
19 Cassio's first name.
20 Othello’s last word.
21 Brother of Brabantio and uncle of Desdemona.
22 Black bird symbolising evil and death.
23 What kind of creature does Iago refer to himself as?
1 What was considered acceptable if a gentleman caught his wife being unfaithful?
2 The term that is consistently used to describe Iago despite constant evidence to the contrary.
3 Provides brief comic relief for the audience.
4 Roman goddess of the moon and chastity.
5 Anagram: A rash robbery.
7 Speech delivered by a person alone on stage.
11 Who did Othello say he would tear to pieces?
17 Venetian gentleman that witnesses Othello slap Desdemona.
18 Medical condition that Othello suffers from.
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