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Out OF The Dust Crossword Puzzle

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Out of the Dust

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Across Down
2 amusing, especially in a ludicrous or absurd way
3 make someone legally or morally bound to an action or course of action
4 to turn a handle in order to start an engine
6 changing, especially unpredictably
7 small loose particles of sand
11 thinly dispersed or scattered
13 funds kept available by a bank, company or government
14 make someone unable to think or react properly; stupify, bewilder
15 the surface of the ground, with the grass growing on it
17 a river formed by the action of water
19 break, split or burst
21 lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky
22 complete disorder and confusion
1 (of a person) weak and delicate
2 a usually old-fashioned stove that burns wood and can be used for cooking
5 a bunch or collection of threads, grass, hair, etc., held or growing together at the base
8 run away from a place or situation of danger
9 a small thin or twisted bunch, piece, or amount of something
10 an amount, standard, level or rate regarded as usual or ordinary
12 a small pool of liquid, especially of rainwater on the ground
13 make someone annoyed or irritated
16 a boy who leads the animals that draw a plow
18 (of a person) avoiding work, lazy
20 slope or lean in a particular direction; diverge or cause to diverge from the vertical or horizontal
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