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Pacific Islands Crossword Puzzle

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Pacific Islands

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Across Down
3 Silver Fern Maria Tutaia's birthplace
5 The land of the long white cloud
6 This island is known as THE ROCK
8 This island is known as Te Ika a Maui
9 a Polynesian delicassy adopted from the Chinese
10 The Polynesian Culture Centre in Hawaii is located in this town
11 Poly-funk band who sings 'Watchin you'
12 Mrs Villi, Olympic shot-put champion
13 '...sun goes down...
14 a wooden drum in the Cook Islands
15 On this island you would say 'Mahalo' which means 'Thank you'
16 You will find this jewell growing in the lagoons of the island of Manihiki
21 Tonga's most famous rugby player
22 You will need one of these to keep you cool in the islands
23 The Samoan word for tattoo
24 On this hula shaking island you'll hear people speaking french
25 ...means 'up'
1 The currency of Samoa
2 beautiful smelling flower of the Pacific
4 This rap artist's name means King Cabbage
7 This Tokoroa-born Samoan plays Hooker for the All Blacks
17 ............. Airlines, Samoa's national airline
18 The capital of the Cook Islands
19 Known as the 'Friendly Islands'
20 Where most Pacific Islanders go to on Sunday
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