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Parliament And Elections Crossword Puzzle

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Parliament and Elections

This crossword will help you to understand some of the words we use at Parliament.Read the clues and write the word that matches the meaning of the clue.

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Across Down
1 the choice made for a political party or local MP
6 The organisation responsible for fair elections is the Electoral _________________.
8 Organised political group with similar aims and values.
9 To act on behalf of others.
11 To vote, you must be a ____________ or permanent resident.
12 The organisation that passes laws in New Zealand.
16 Geographical area represented by an MP.
18 Voters must be a minimum of ____ years old.
1 People who go to polling booths.
2 Another name for Election Day is ____________ Day.
3 Each electorate has a _______________ amount of people.
4 A political system of representation that has elections.
5 Abbreviation for Mixed Member Proportional
6 The voters in a local area.
7 Elections are held every _____________ years.
10 An MP that does not represent an electorate is a ________ MP.
13 The place where voters go to vote.
14 The day of the week elections are held.
15 There are two types of electorates- Māori and _______________.
17 Candidates win __________ in an election.
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