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Parliament Words Crossword Puzzle

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Parliament Words


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Across Down
2 A room where members hold meetings
3 A free vote of your own belief
4 A subject being considered by a committee
5 The second largest party that doesn't have the majority of seats
10 The forming of a nation
11 The second chamber in a two chamber parliament
13 House of representatives
17 The process of making a law
18 An assembly of elected representative
20 Where both houses of parliament meet
21 The representative of the Queen in a State
25 A vote not counted
26 A group of senior ministers preferred by the Prime Minister
27 The protection of members of Parliament
28 A place for a member of parliament
29 A proposal put forward for decision by the Senate
1 The first chamber in a two chamber parliament
6 The building where the two houses of parliament meet
7 A national governance
8 A formal discussion related to a Bill
9 The meeting room of a house of Parliament
12 A house in parliament
14 Two groups separated in the Government
15 Proposed new law
16 A piece of land that does not have the rights of a State
18 A document representative to a house of Parliament
19 A law make in Parliament
22 Where two or more parties join forces
23 A law based on court decisions
24 Free speech
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