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Parliamentary Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Parliamentary Terms

Match the definition to the term in the word bank.

                1     2                                                      
                3                                 4     5 6                  
                              7                       8                      
                  13 14                                                        
                    19                                   20   21               22
            23                                               24                
                26                                           27                
                    29                                     30                  
        31                                               32                    
  33                 34                                                        
      37                           38                                          
39       40     41                                       42                      
Across Down
1 The minimum number of members who must be present at a meeting for business to be legally transacted.
3 Slips of paper for voting.
5 A proposal by a member, in a meeting, that the assembly take a particular action.
9 A private session that occurs in advance of a scheduled meeting.
12 List of candidates.
13 A device permitting a request or main motion relating to the rights/privileges of the assembly to be brought up for immediate consideration because of its urgency.
16 Getting the chair's attention by saying 'Mr. Chairman or Madam Chairwoman.'
17 The presiding officer of the meeting (also known as chairperson, chairman, or chairworman)
18 Term used when a vote is retaken by order of the chair or a member when verification of a voice vote is needed.
19 Securing permission to speak.
23 A motion used to divide a pending motion into two or more separate questions so they can be considered separately.
24 A vote taken by having members call out 'aye' or 'no' at the chair's direction.
25 Election by unanimous consent that is used when only one person has been nominated for a position.
27 Relevant; amendments and debate must be (word) to the question at hand.
28 The last motion stated by the chair.
29 The chairperson lets members know the result of a vote by addressing all the details.
30 To indicate support for consideration of a motion by saying 'I second the motion'
34 Term used to designate all members present as members of an Ad Hoc Committee, allowing for a more informal setting for discussion.
35 A motion awaiting decision.
36 A short intermission.
37 Parliamentary adviser to the presiding officer.
39 Committee established for a specific purpose, for a particular case.
42 Written records of business transacted.
43 A person authorized to vote for another.
2 A procedure by which the vote of each member is formally recorded in the minutes.
4 A vote taken by having members stand.
6 Agenda for a meeting.
7 Term meaning someone has a right to their action by the office they hold.
8 To allow someone to obtain the floor in order to speak.
10 Correct according to the rules of parliamentary procedure.
11 Term used when an item is referred to a committee.
14 A means of taking action on a motion without a formal vote when the presiding officer perceives there is little to no opposition to a motion.
15 A motion which brings before the assembly some new subject upon which action of the assembly is desired.
20 Term used when a motion is passed or adopted.
21 Have been recognized by the chair to speak.
22 To give the floor to the chair, another speaker, or to a motion taking precedence over that being considered.
26 To change a motion by striking out, substituting, or adding words.
31 Order of business; the program of a business meeting.
32 Motion used to express the sentiment of the group usually beginning with the words 'Resolved that...'
33 To repeal, annul, cancel, or revoke formally.
38 To propose an individual for office.
39 To end a meeting.
40 To open a discussion.
41 More than half of the votes cast by persons legally entitled to vote, excluding abstentions.
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