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Parts OF Speech Crossword Puzzle

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Parts of Speech

To review for your final exam, complete the following crossword puzzle.

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Across Down
2 In 'Ribbons,' Stacy lives across the street from a broad, __________ square.
6 Select the simple subject: The orchestra played for three hours.
8 Lemon Brown's legs were covered with rages that were held on with ____________.
11 Paw-paw is Chinese for __________________.
12 A word that is used with a noun or pronoun to form a phrase is a ____________.
13 Locate the adjective: A monstrous storm was brewing in the Gulf.
15 Transitive or intransitive verb? The kiwi lays enormous eggs.
16 Words that name persons, places, or things, including words that name emotions and ideas, are ____________.
19 In a story, the first part introduces the characters. It is called the _____________.
21 Locate the object of the transitive verb: Three students won an award for their waste-reducing edible water bottle.
22 Greg wants to join a ___________________ team.
25 Greg is in trouble with his father because he has low grades in _____________.
26 In the attic, Rachel found her father's college diploma. This sentence has ______ nouns.
27 In 'Ribbons,' Paw-paw has to use carved black ________ to get out of the car.
28 At the beginning of 'The Treasure of Lemon Brown,' Greg Ridley is sitting on the _____ of his apartment building
1 Locate the simple subject: Many of my friends attended the University of Texas at Austin.
3 A word that describes a noun or pronoun is an ______________.
4 Locate the adverb: One of the most destructive earthquakes in recent history occurred in Pakistan in 2005
5 Locate the simple predicate: The pink hand lotion spilled all over the carpet.
7 In a story, the second part of the plot is the buildup of events. This part is called ______ action.
9 Greg lives in ______________, New York.
10 'In the United States' is a _____________________ phrase.
14 Locate the preposition: Marian Anderson performed at John F. Kennedy's presidential inauguration.
17 'Don't mention Paw-paw's feet,' Stacy's mother warns. 'She's ___________ about them.'
18 Locate the simple subject: Arthur Miller's 1953 play, The Crucible, dramatizes the Salem witch trials.
20 In 'Ribbons,' Stacy has to give up her ___________ lessons when Paw-paw comes.
23 Down the street from Greg's apartment was an old _____________ that had been abandoned for months.
24 What part of speech are these words? carefully, eagerly, easily, patiently
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