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Paupa New Guinea Crossword Puzzle

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Paupa New Guinea

                        1         2        
                            4           5  
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Across Down
3 Number of stars on the Papua New Guinea flag.
7 An island that begins forming under the sea.
8 Name for the head of the government. The parliament selects this person.
9 Number of tribes located in Papua New Guinea's mountains.
11 name of Chapter 18 island
14 The amount of money village people make selling butterflies.
16 The largest and second largest of these are found in Papua New Guinea.
18 A person's past family, like great grandparents.
19 Goods that an island makels and buys from other islands or countries.
20 Papua New Guinea has the largst and most unusual set of these.
1 Warm temperature
2 Goods that an island makes and sells to other islands or countries.
4 The Melanesian language mixed with words from English, German and French.
5 Papua New Guinea's main business (Economy and Resources)
6 Island that used to be part of a continent.
10 The lawmaking group of people, name for legislature.
12 Captial name of Papua New Guinea
13 A plant whose leaves and nut are chewed, like a drug.
15 Wild people who were not Christians.
17 Dried coconut meat.
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