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People And Battles OF The US Civil War Crossword Puzzle

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People and Battles of the US Civil War

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Across Down
7 Surprised the Union forces near Shiloh church and turned into this battle
8 11 years old when he joined an Alabama regiment
10 Was inaugurated as president on March 4,1861
11 Lincoln gave him command of the Union army in the east
12 union forces commanded to clash with confederate forces
13 Southern General who got a sword pointed at by confederate officer
14 The bloodiest day in all of American history
15 Major who held onto fort Sumter
16 President of the Conferderacy
18 South thought of this as a way to win foreign support
19 confederate Forces fired on this fort
20 Series of Battles
1 Took charge of the Army of Northern Virginia in 1862
2 Kept a detailed diary
3 Wife of an aide to President Davis
4 General that made the Anaconda Plan
5 Victorious Union General
6 Major who was an officer in the Union army
9 83 years old when he became on of the Penn Home Guards
17 British attacked this fort in Baltimore
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