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Personal Appearance Standard Crossword Puzzle

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Personal Appearance Standard

                            2       3  
7     8                                
            13                         14
                  16         17          
Across Down
7 ______ is reality!
9 Oxfords and chukka boots are two types of ______ men can wear (2 words)
10 When representing the bank at seminars or on-site visits, your attire should be more ______ than usual
12 Your pants canít be rolled or tucked into boots. The need to ______ (2 words)
13 All pants must fall at least this far below the knee (2 words)
16 This type of dress shirt is a good option in the Summer (2 words)
18 Clothes should be well-maintained, and not appear like this
1 When standing, skirts and dresses cannot be any higher above the knee than this (2 words)
2 Dress versions of these shoes were added to the womenís acceptable footwear section in 2020
3 You can have as many of these as you want where you can hide them - they may not be acceptable on your face
4 This clothing detail must be at least 2.5 inches wide
5 If youíre wearing a dress shirt without a tie, itís acceptable to show a little of this up top (hyph)
6 The standard doesnít address these much, because we canít usually see them
8 A feature on all acceptable menís shirts
11 If youíre going to wear nail polish, ir must be kept ______
14 A small ring or stud here is considered the only acceptable facial piercing
15 Employees will follow whichever gender standard they prefer, based on their personal ______
17 If you have questions about the standard, you should ask your ______
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