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Personality Adjectives Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Personality Adjectives

                    C   H O N E S T      
                    O           E        
                S I N C E R E   N        
                    F           S I L L Y
              P A T I E N T     I        
                    D           T        
                C L E V E R     I     M  
                    N           V     O  
                D E T E R M I N E D   O  
S E L F I S H     X                   D  
        M         T R U S T W O R T H Y  
        P   G     R                      
        U   R   H A R D W O R K I N G    
        L   U     V                 E    
        S Y M P H A T E T I C   K I N D  
        I   P     G           R     E    
        V   Y   C A R I N G   E     R    
B R A V E         N           L     O    
              O P T I M I S T I C   U    
              U       E   T   A     S H Y
              T       A   U   B          
              G       N   B   L A Z Y    
              O           B   E          
              I           O              
              N           R              
              G           N              
Across Down
2 you're not going to cheat on a test or to steal money
4 if you say something, it's because you believe it
5 synonym of stupid
6 you don't mind waiting
7 synonym of intelligent
9 you know what you want and you really want it
11 you don't like to share
13 a synonym of reliable
15 a useful quality when you want to take an exam
17 you're sad when other people are sad
18 your personality is pleasant to other people
20 you show affection and concern to other people
21 synonym of courageous
22 you always look at the positive aspect of things
25 you wouldn't like to speak in front of a hundred people
26 you don't like working
1 trying something new? That's not a problem for you!
3 it's easy to hurt your feelings
8 you're unpredictable because your feelings can change quickly
10 your ideas are quite unusual
12 you don't think before you do something
14 when you're not satisfied, you say it
16 you're always ready to give
19 you can be trusted
22 you like meeting new people
23 you do bad things
24 you're not going to change your mind
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