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Persuasive Writing Techniques Crossword Puzzle

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Persuasive Writing Techniques

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3 Mathematical figures used to back up an opinion, fact or view.
5 The repetition of a word at the end of successive clauses or sentences. “Doctors are asking, Teachers are asking, Parents are asking.”
8 To say something is 1000% true is an example of this!
10 The question might be one that does not have an answer. It might also be one that has an obvious answer but you have asked the question to make a point, to persuade or for literary effect.
11 The repetition of the first part of the sentence in order to achieve an artistic effect - I will win, I will become president, I will do you proud!
1 The writer speaking directly to (or at) the reader through words such as “you or your company.”
2 Something that is true and not just a view or opinion.
4 Repeating letters at the start of words.
6 Language that makes people feel strong emotions towards what the writer is saying.
7 You need this to know where to send the letter and also your own, so the reader knows where to return their reply.
9 Rule of three. Three words, clauses or sentences given together in order to create a memorable impact. ‘Disneyland is the most exciting, wonderful, unbelievable theme park.’
12 Provide potential solutions.
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