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Peter And The Starcatchers Crossword Puzzle

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Peter and the Starcatchers

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Across Down
1 a chubby orphan boy who is constanly complaining of hunger.
2 The lead mermaid and befriends Peter because he saved her life.
5 Loyal mate of Black Stache and never left his side.
6 Leonard Aster's daughter and a Starcatcher in training; Peter's crush
9 The man with the whip who makes sure no passengers get off the ship and stays by Slank's side when they crash.
10 The monster who the Mollusks keep in a cage and feed any people who come to the island to it.
12 One of the younger boys who is scared of the forest.
14 Wrote Kingdom Keepers a series for disney and helped write this book.
15 The leader of the Mollusks who hates the Englishmen becausew they kidnapped him.
17 The people who travel the world in pursuit of starstuff that falls from the sky to keep it from the Others.
18 The second oldest of the five orphans and is the leader when Peter is gone.
20 One of the five orphan boys and become young forever by touching to much starstuff.
21 A head Starecatcher and Molly Aster's father.
23 The First officer, second in command on the Never Land and is in charge of getting the starstuff on the ship to King Zarboff the Third.
24 The ship that Peter, molly and his friends took with the starstuff on it.
27 When the Never Land crashed onto a rock during a bad storm.
28 Where the Never Land was heading to bring the starstuff to King Zarboff the Third .
29 Created when Leonard Aster but a bird in a sack of starstuff and gave it to Peter to protect him.
1 Black Stache's ship and sinks every ship that passes by.
3 The orphanage Peter and his friends lived in.
4 nted down Peter and Molly to take away the starstuff and ended up getting his hand off by Peter.
6 Creatures created from leaking starstuff out of the trunk.
7 Another younger boy who always sticks close to Prentiss.
8 The cruel king of Rundoon who plans on using the starstuff for selfish and cruel reasons.
10 What the 'Mollusks' call the island.
11 The finist ship in all of England and Leonard Aster is on the ship protecting the 'starstuff'.
13 Becomes friends with Peter and his friends and
16 The island Peter, Molly, Alf, Blach Stache and his crew, and Peter's friends crashed onto.
19 The people of the island who hate Englishmen.
22 Caused when you touch starstuff .
25 Where the mermaids live and keeped the trunk.
26 One of the writers and wrote many fiction and non-fiction.
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