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Photoshop Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 The display of a grid is a _____, which means that you turn it off in the same manner that you turned it on, with the same command.
5 A _____ is a nonprinting ruler line or dashed line that graphic designers use to align objects or mark key measurements.
7 Allow you to draw a marquee that selects a portion of the document window.
8 When you choose to transform, Photoshop displays a _____ _____, or border with six sizing handles around the selection.
10 A graphic designed for advertising, sometimes is called _____.
11 Designing a preliminary layout sketch to help you make choices about placement, size, perspective, and spacing, is referred to as creating a _____.
12 The interactive labels, called _____ _____, appear when you position the mouse pointer over the label.
15 A fixed pivot point around which transformations are performed.
18 The technique photographers, designers, and artists use to create the illusion of three eimensions on a flat or two-dimensional surface.
19 The _____ is useful for laying out elements symmetrically or positioning them precisely.
21 Softens the block-like, staircase look of rounded corners.
1 In perspective drawing is a virtual horizontal line across the picture.
2 Refers to placing visual elements into a pleasing and understandable arrangement.
4 Right-clicking a selection displays a context menu that provides access to many other useful commands such as deselecting, reselecting, or selecting the _____, which means selecting everything in the image outside of the current selection.
6 A way to activate menu or tool commands using the keyboard rather than the mouse.
9 Softens the edges of the selection.
13 The History panel records each step, called a _____, as you edit a photo.
14 In traditional photography, feathering is called _____, which creates a soft-edged border around an image that blends into the desired.
16 ____ stands for Portable Document Format, a flexible file format based on the cross-platform and cross-application PostScript imaging model.
17 In Photoshop, the word _____ refers to making physical changes to a selection
20 Alternatively, you can give a state a new name called a _____.
22 The _____ _____ draw freehand selection borders around objects.
23 The term _____ refers to the ability of objects to attach, or automatically align with a grid or guide.
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