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Photosynthesis Crossword Puzzle

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5 A gas that diffuses into the leaf through the stomata for photosynthesis
6 These are found in the spongy mesophyll to allow gases to diffuse in and out of the leaf easily
8 Provides protection to the leaf and prevents water loss
9 Control the opening and closing of stomata
11 A protective layer of the leaf that is transparent so that light can penetrate it and makes the waxy cuticle
12 A flammable chemical that removes the chlorophyll from leaves when testing for starch
13 Contain chlorophyll for photosynthesis
15 The green pigment needed to absorb light energy for photosynthesis
17 A substance needed for photosynthesis that diffuses from the soil into the roots and is transported to the leaf
1 The energy source that plant produce during photosynthesis
2 A gas produced by photosynthesis but needed for respiration
3 The orange chemical used to test for the presence of starch in leaves
4 The layer of the leaf with many chloroplasts where photosynthesis occurs
7 What excess glucose is stored as in leaves as it is insoluble (doesn't affect water concentration)
10 It is important the leaf has this shape so there is only a short distance for gases to diffuse in and out
14 Pores on the underside of the leaf that allow gas exchange between the leaf and air
16 The site of photosynthesis in a plant
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