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Physical Geography Crossword Puzzle

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Physical Geography

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Across Down
7 any material from nature that people use and value
8 height above sea level
11 resources Earth replaces naturally
14 movement of water from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back
15 natural surroundings
16 the sun turns liquid water into water vapor
17 theory that explains how Earth's crust moves
19 rain, snow, sleet, hail
20 energy from the sun
21 trip around the sun; takes 364 1/4 days
23 water droplets come together to form clouds
25 7 large landmasses
1 shapes on Earth's suface
2 climate zone located in the middle latitudes; most of the world's people live here
3 makes up most of Earth's water; found in oceans, seas, bays. etc.
4 year with an extra day; every 4 years
5 short-term changes in the air; unexpected
6 Earth has three main _______ (core, mantle, crust)
7 resources on Earth that can't be replaced
9 climate zone that includes the desert and steppe
10 breaking of rock into smaller pieces (sediment)
12 the path that Earth takes around the sun
13 complete spin of Earth on its axis; takes 24 hours
18 climate zone located near the poles
22 climate zone based on elevation
24 movement of sediment from one place to another
25 average weather over a long period of time; predictable
26 climate zone located near the equator
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